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libby harward 

garara (black cockatoo)

A sound immersion reflecting water stories embodied.

Ancient understandings (gana) passed from generation to generation resonating through the practice of ganngalanji -
calling out, listening and thinking. Experiencing the cycle of life retold by Elders in campfire stories of the union of Gheebelum and Coonungai* in the creation of Mulgumpin.

Resonating in fresh water bodies, calling out, thinking,  listening to the call back of the black cockatoos. Science is translated in an
in-between world of ongoing creation, procreation and restoration, evoking the erotics of atmospheric rain energy.  Our senses, sonically perfumed, by the interconnected signs in nature,  the umbilical blood flow, the heartbeat, the thunder, the rain, our ongoing birth of country, the endless beginnings. The sounds of our Lifeblood; our ancient understandings (gana), ongoing.

*The Lightning’s Playground as told to Libby Harward on-country by Gheebelum Uncle Bob Anderson (2019).

sound installation (duration 4.33)

Libby Harward is a Quandamooka artist of Moreton Bay in Queensland, and a descendent of the Ngugi people from Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) living in Brisbane and the Gold Coast