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home ii, 1/7/20 – 20/7/20

12.15pm, recorded Momo drinking from his water bowl with a hydrophone placed in the bowl.
tape submerged 15 minutes later in the water he drank from.

they are agnostic. they lead nowhere,
except to a kind of freedom.

still sad. still enjoying simplicity.
i watch peanuts blend for 15 minutes, delicious crunchy turning to sublime slippery.
slipping from one form to another (not as solid as i thought).

the day before the full moon rose, we went on a walk in Dharawal country.
past scraggly palms, shedding old foliage around their waists, holding themselves like Muppet creatures.
we swam in the waves, and i lost myself in the landscape, soothed in its expansiveness.
a near full moon hovered above us, above the ocean and the cliffs. sublime,
an overwhelming desire, expanding, longing, pulling, hurting.
landscape becoming feeling, one form folding into another.

my hands grasp at the slippery water. the feeling is spiritual, the water evaporates

i have formed a tighter bond with my cat and for this i am grateful.

*Paul Thek of his sculptures, in Aliens and Anorexia, Chris Kraus

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