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home iv, 14/7/20 – 20/7/20

3.02pm, recorded ambience from two heights of my apartment building.
sound of putting away dishes and wind from outside the kitchen window (third storey)
sound of train and birds from below the kitchen window (hills hoists, street level)
buried in earth collected from near the hills hoists, with traces of weeds.

does it matter where the birds go?...
they leave here, that’s the point, first their bodies,
then their sad cries. and from that moment, cease to exist for us.*

this week, teaching myself to play a flute brought back from Peru a decade ago.
practicing breathing. expelling breath and sound together, expanding and dispersing amongst my belongings.

thinking about time.
i tend to think of sound unfolding horizontally in time.  
i tried to imagine it as vertical,   
an 8-minute recording turned on its axis. sound folded with time, to be heard all at once.
i broke my recording into segments, layering them atop one other,
attempting a sense of time within the loops.

maybe like the layers of sound that occur in each unit, on each storey of my apartment building.
mostly the walls and floors/ceilings contain these sounds, but sometimes they bleed.

the sound of my neighbour drumming congas on the bottom storey resonates his windows,
vibrates through his ceiling, travelling up through the objects/subjects on the second storey
to pass through the floor / fill the space of my apartment.
long, low sounds pass, bright conga hits degrading to low mechanical rumbles.

this week the neighbours, who share our floor as their ceiling, moved out.
we didn't know these neighbours, though we intimately shared in their sounds
- slipping out of their open window / in through ours.

i imagine sound to be like a transient thread. unravelling and connecting,
our rooms, our objects, our bodies.    degrading, changing form, leaving traces.

perhaps the vases of our old neighbours will retain resonant
remnants of conga drumming in their new home.

* Louise Gluck, Parable of Flight, Meadowlands

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