#eye #eye


amelia mcleish

just one of many (2020)

4K HD video, stereo channel audio (duration 7.12)

an exploration

into perceived silence

and a celebration

of the symphony of the everyday,


the cornucopia of


that is often not engaged.

Each person making noise in their day to day are musicians in the orchestra of this symphony. This work aims to highlight this by juxtaposing intentional sounds with field recordings that fade in and out of each other.

This abundance of noise is disregarded as there will always be another time to listen.

Visually this work utilises out of focus and digitally altered videos of nature, to emphasise an imbalance as humans tend to focus on the visual and disregard of the sonic.

The composition fades in with the sounds of a sunrise and ends with a fade into a winter sunset, moments of time usually recorded via photographs and video but rarely sonically.

Amelia McLeish is an emerging interdisciplinary artist whose practice investigates the function of the art institution, the culture surrounding art and how we perceive space. These concerns are examined through the use of sculpture, installation, sound and participation.