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LOTTERY is a geolocated sound walk through a new suburban development on the southside of Meanjin/Brisbane.

The work involves walking through a few streets of Rochedale whilst listening to different people talking about what they would do if they won a lottery for about 5-10 million dollars.

Underneath the voices sound, and musical cues change as one moves through the walk.

Just stroll along and look around – there is no hurry, the walk is designed to take 20 minutes or more.



Harry // Greg Powell // Marc Jones // Trent Ellings // Courtney Coombs // Helen // Anonymous // Loch // Hilde HooKeith Gallasch // Juliet Thorp // Marian Drew // Brigid Ryan // Angus Hooper //Amy-Clare McCarthy // Lani Weedon // Chunmei Yang // David Thorp