#eye #eye


I’m an orchid being fed, fingers pressing my petals.

I’m herbs being inhaled, scent wafting through the breeze.

I’m a succulent being propagated, limbs cultivated.

I am my mother’s garden.


naomi blacklock

when i dream, i dream in her garden (2020)

digitally manipulated field recording
(duration: 9.48)

During the isolation that COVID-19 has carried, I have been interested in the textural sonic environment that I have found myself in.

I spent much of it capturing raw ingredients to develop a sound piece composed from my mother’s backyard. The intimacy of the digitally manipulated organic sounds create melodies and hidden voices that calls for a closer listening.

The kind that conjures sonic memories that dig deep into the subconscious.

The sounds heard within the recording emerge from simple spontaneous actions –  a breeze entangling itself within windchimes, the sounds of birds visiting and my body as it transverses the space. Beneath these sounds lies the meditative continuous loop of recycled water rolling into a fishpond. The sounds of nature and running water have long been known to aid in relaxation and sleep – a soothing and stress-reducing intervention that I hope to be beneficial for all listeners.

Please use headphones. Listen while falling asleep.

An edited video performance will follow on August 1 at 7pm which documents me performing an improvised gong piece within my mother’s garden, playing the gong as a call and response to the surroundings.

Naomi Blacklock is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia whose practice maps the nexus of embodied performance, culture heritage and gender identity. Working across a range of media, from experimental sound installation, performance and sculpture, her work creatively examines the mythologies, archetypes and harmful histories of gender and cultural identity.